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As one of Britain's largest and sunniest coastal resorts, Bournemouth is a holiday maker's paradise. Sun and surf mingle seamlessly with area entertainment and points of interest to make this southern coastal city one of the most sought after places to reside, and one of the country's most popular holiday destinations. In fact, Bournemouth is so well liked that a 2007 nationwide survey found it to be the happiest place in all of Britain to live. And the featured Bournemouth hotels are the ideal place to stay while getting a taste of that happiness!

Conveniently located some 100 miles south-west of the capital London, Bournemouth sits along some of the most pristine coastal waters and sandy beaches in all of Britain. Directly to the east of the city's beachfront is the famous World Heritage designated 'Jurassic Coast' - a seemingly endless stretch of unspoiled coastline, which provides a complete geological record of the earth through millions of fossils. The city's sea front looks onto Poole Bay and the Isle of Wight, which is renowned for its excellent surfing conditions.

The hotels highlighted are close to all of the action of this vibrant, happy resort town. Whether you wish to stay in a grand and elegant property with a reputation for world class service and luxury, prefer a contemporary styled hotel with modern furnishings and cutting edge amenities, or like the quaint surroundings of a smaller boutique or inn style accommodation, there is an ideal place to stay close at hand.

Bournemouth hotels offer modern standards of accommodation with friendly and attentive service. Many overlook the famous seafront and enjoy wonderful views of the beach.. For business travellers many of these properties cater to the twenty four hour work cycle by providing such support services as; copy and fax, high speed Wi-Fi connectivity, convention and meeting rooms, and food catering services.

Whether you find yourself in the Bournemouth area for business or pleasure there's a perfect hotel accommodation option to suit your lifestyle and needs. The balmy weather, sun, sand, waves and ocean breezes are there for everyone to absorb. But the world class hospitality and complete relaxation you'll receive when you stay at one of these finely appointed Bournemouth hotels can only be appreciated if you choose to book at one today.